Life comes through experience, everything else is just existing!

– Mao Lal

Current Projects

“Stagnancy means regression” – This famous quotation has lost nothing of its meaning even in our modern time. Resting on what has been achieved so far has never been and will never be my ambition. That is why I am always looking for new opportunities and challenges.

About Me

“Life comes by experience, everything else is only existent!”


This is a motto that has been with me for decades. My striving for the great, the new and the unusual drove me to join the “Bundeswehr” in 1997 and to start a far-reaching career.


Already one year after my entry I began my advanced training as a military leader. Thanks to my achievements, I was quickly approved for a career as an officer in military service. During my training in the officer school, I acquired my officer patent (diploma). At the same time, I received my qualification as a business economist with a focus on operations management, project management and human resources management.


Very early on, in addition to my military career, I also dealt with economic issues. I was particularly fascinated by the metal of the gods and kings. The decision to found my own company in 2003 and to venture into the gold trade was therefore not difficult for me.
After more than 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur and managing director, I now have numerous successful companies in my hands. I have consciously paid attention to a high degree of diversification and can therefore present companies in various branches of industry. I am still looking for new investment and expansion opportunities. In order to focus fully on my tasks as an entrepreneur, I left the “Bundeswehr” at my own request after 21 years of service.


At the moment, I am increasingly concerned with the possibilities of blockchain technology, the potential of which I recognized years ago. With Bitsons GmbH, I am pursuing the goal of harnessing the potential of this revolutionary technology and the very rapidly growing market associated with it for myself and my business partners.


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